Engage Your Visitors & Increase Your Customer Retention

Improve your customer experience whilst building long term relationships

Why InsightKiosk™

No matter what kind of business you operate, InsightKiosk makes it simple and easy to engage, understand and enhance your customers experience. Using our iPad based interactive software you can directly build relationships with customers, that increases profits and multiplies your customer retention rates.

"89% of customers switch to a competitor following a poor customer experience”

Oracle - Customer experience research




Harness the power of your customer footfall...

  • Collect live feedback to base business improvements on
  • Increase your sales and conversion rates in store
  • Directly build your social media following
  • Enhance and support your customer sales journey
  • Capture & build a valuable data list for marketing
  • Increase your customer retention rates


Update content, extract data & understand your customers...

Trusted by Leading Brands...

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